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Offer free mobile internet access to
your Mobile Apps and Sites

Break the cost barrier for consumers

In a price conscious Indian market, consumers use mobile internet carefully. Key insights from recent surveys show that:

  • There are 800 mn active mobile connections with over 95% pre-paid users
  • Only 15% are active mobile internet users with less than 200MB data usage per month
  • Costly data plans pose a limitation in accessing content on mobile


Customer is the king. With freeG comes the WOW factor. This business solution allows brands, enterprises and businesses to offer mobile data at zero cost to their consumers when they browse through their app and /or site.

Popularize your brand, create a delightful browsing experience and increase user stickiness.


freeG specifically allays the needs and concerns of the Indian user. With freeG, you do 3 big things:

  • Power your free app/site and engage users incessantly
  • Maximize your brand presence at low costs
  • Boost transactions/ads and increase revenue

freeG is now available on


Hassle free

For mobile site, integration is as simple as mapping your toll free domain/sub domain to ACL's toll free data platform and this activates free browsing for your users. For apps, we provide a set of readily available SDKs that can be plugged into your app to enable app usage at zero data charges.


Make customized free data plans and offer users a limited or unlimited usage. freeG enables you to set the free mobile internet consumption limit per user. Engage users, incentivize users, tempt users and keep the renewals going for deeper engagements.


freeG is working hard to get connected with the major telcos across India. Under impulse, the solution would ensure maximum user reach in every nook and corner of the country. With freeG, every user under the sun with a smartphone can be targeted and converted into buyer.

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